Be sure to get a complete bike tune-up and check your tires, and possibly put on new tires: to avoid last-minute mechanical problems or even mechanicals during the race. A leading problem to getting a flat on race day is riding with old, worn-out tires. If you are training your body to take part in GFNY Philippines, also prepare your bike to be race ready.

Last-minute parts availability of bike parts is not guaranteed on site in Iloilo. Make sure to address any mechanical issues prior to leaving your home to avoid last-minute stress at the race.

Bike Rental

There is no bike rental available in Iloilo. 

Mechanical Service

There is no bike rental available in Iloilo. 

There will be mechanics at Festive Walk Mall to assist with last-minute mechanicals caused by travel.

On race day, mechanics will be available at the start area, at aid station 1,3 and 5 several rolling mechanics along the race route.

Bring tools and spare tubes in order to be able to quickly fix your bike issue and continue with your race. Put on new tires to minimize the risk of a puncture; old tires are much more likely to get punctures than new tires.